We are as selective about who we recommend.
We know their work and in most cases, have used them ourselves.

We Recommend

Weddings and Special Events at Seasons Styleist Amelia

Amelia C

Amelia C is an International Award Winning Makeup Artist keeping Vegas looking stunning. As an independent hair and makeup artist, she is outstanding in many areas including hair and makeup for pageants, fitness competitions, advertisements, conventions, film, television, print, as well as hair and makeup for brides and special events.
With talent sans ego, Amelia C is ready to create the top-notch look for any event, medium, or venue. Whatever the occasion, Amelia can add a touch of art.

Andrea's Cakes

Andrea's World of Cakes

We have used Andrea's for our events on multiple occasions for both cakes and bite-sized pasteries. They have never ceased to surprise us with how simple and easy they made the process--but on to the important part: the taste. Everything we have ever tasted from Andrea's is simply wonderful. If you go somewhere else, you may pay more or work harder, but you can bet, you won't get something that tastes better!